The best UK online bingo site – 32Red bingo

32Red is the best place for those who want to play slot machines from the comfort of their home, with hundreds of games on the menu.

Bingo players will also find everything they seek here, because the newly bingo section is just as comprehensive. It was established 12 years ago, even though back then there were very few online casino operators that regarded bingo as the game of the future.

Bingo games and software

32redbingoThose who venture on the bingo website, will be impressed by how good it looks and how easy is to navigate from one section to the other. Despite the vibrant colors and gorgeous animations, the website is highly responsive and finding your game of choice among dozens of titles doesn’t take more than a couple of clicks. Players can also interact with their peers while they play or wait in the lobby, which means a great deal for those who cherish the social nature of bingo.

While there are different types of bingo to choose from, the popular titles enjoy comprehensive coverage and most of the players prefer 90 ball bingo. The game can be enjoyed on desktop and laptop computers but also mobile devices, so players can spend some quality time even when they are not at home.

The software powering all their games is developed by Microgaming which is also the one providing content for the online casino section. Furthermore, they run a highly successful and popular network, which means that bingo and casino players alike will get to interact with their peers who have an account with other casinos.

Bonuses and promotions

Playing bingo over the Internet is not supposed to be risky business and players won’t have to wager a lot of money to enjoy the best experience. In order to make the transition from play money to real currency tables silky smooth, 32Red Bingo is ready to offer €10 or currency equivalent up front to all new customers. They don’t even need to make a deposit to receive this amount, but those who make the first investment will receive an extra €35 to consolidate their bankroll.

Players can spend the money on bingo tickets and no games are off-limits, with the wagering requirements being relatively easy to meet. Once they have been cleared, players decide what they do with the money and they can cash out, purchase more tickets or transfer the funds to other sections. Every week, 32Red Bingo runs special tournaments and occasional promotions are announced on the website.

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